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Helen Cole- Company Director

Helen Cole

Artistic Director & CEO
Kate Ward- Finance

Kate Ward

Executive Director
Juliet Simpson

Juliet Simpson

Marketing & Communications Manager
Abi Cush- Producing Assistant

Abi Cush

Development Producer
Natalie Skidmore- Adminstration

Natalie Skidmore

General Manager
David Micklem

David Micklem

IBT Associate

IBT Board of Trustees

Bill Gee (Chair), Alison Byard, Belinda Kidd, Paul Wilson and Polly Cole

IBT17 Team

Simon MacColl, Production Manger

Phil Bartlett, Box Office Manager

Rosalie White, Freelance Producer

Vashti Waite, Freelance Producer

Matt Aitken, Producer, The Dawn

Bethany West, Assistant Producer, The Record

Hari Ramakrishnan, Assistant Producer, The Record

Katie Sanghera, Event Management Intern

Lily Eaton, Communications Assistant, UWE Intern 

Megan Collier, Producing Assistant, UWE Intern

Demi Insall, Administrative Assistant

Atomic Smash, Web Design

Fiasco, Print Design

Plaster, PR & Communications

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