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The Dawn – featuring Matthew Herbert

For one night only, sunrise and nightfall wash over the unique surroundings of a former police and fire station. First…


Our IBT17 Bristol International Festival BSL Trailer made in collaboration with David Ellington of VS1 Productions has been released.

The Record Trailer

The UK Premiere of The Record is coming to Bristol...

Take a look at our trailer to see the footage of The Record auditions and interviews with some of the…

IBT15: The Storm


OFFICIAL FESTIVAL PARTY IBT COMMISSION WORLD PREMIERE Enter a heart-stopping hurricane of strobe, sound and light. “A perpetual storm strikes…

IBT17 Bristol International Festival 2017 Trailer

Stand Up Stand Out

IBT17 Bristol International festival 8- 12 February 2017 In Between Time presents our bravest festival yet. With this urgently British…

IBT15: THE STORM (Official Festival Party)

IBT15 Festival Party

Drop Everything. The Storm is Coming. Book Your Space in the Shelter. Dress Code: Survivor.

Patrick Wolf – S.O.S. (Sermon of Soil)


In the winter of 2014, producers In Between Time invited Patrick Wolf to stay in a gothic mansion belonging to…

Nightwalks with Teenagers


What happens when you put teenagers in charge? Over 2 months, earlier this year, company In Between Time worked with…

Night Songs – Featuring Patrick Wolf

Patrick Wolf

Patrick Wolf's "Sermon Of Soil" premieres online Wednesday 25th November 2015 -

IBT15 Bristol International Festival documentary

IBT15 Festival

With only one year to go until IBT17, we have brought together some of IBT15’s highlights and memorable moments in…