Creative Exchange Lab

Bringing together UK and International artists to explore radical work and ideas.

8-13 October 2019

We are delighted to introduce the 2019 Creative Exchange Lab cohort: 13 exceptional UK artists who work in urgent, underrepresented or politicised territories.

Launching at the In Between Time Summit, the Creative Exchange Lab brings artists together to collaborate and exchange.

Selected from an open call, this powerful cohort will gather in Bristol over an incredible 5 days collaborating with the Summit’s international artists; mentor, curator and researcher Cecilia Wee; and photographer Manuel Vason to explore radical new work and ideas.

Read Cecilia’s blog ‘in order to build better and multiple futures, we need to focus on people’.

Artists leading the 2019 labs: 

Cigdem Aydemir

Kameelah Rasheed

Dorothee Munyanaza

Meet the Creative Exchange Lab artists:

Anika Deb

Anika Deb

Creative Exchange Lab artist Asmaa Jama

Asmaa Jama

Creative Exchange Lab Artist Chantelle Walker

Channie B

Photo of Creative Exchange Lab Artist Charneh Watson

Charneh Watson

Creative Exchange Lab Artist Chisara Agor

Chisara Agor

Creative Exchange Lab Artist Diwas Dewan

Diwas Dewan

Creative Exchange Lab Artist Diwas Dewan

Folake Shoga

Creative Exchange Lab Artist Joseph Funnell

Joseph Funnell

Creative Exchange Lab Artist Julene Robinson

Julene Robinson

Photo of Creative Exchange Lab artist Kelvin Atmadibrata

Kelvin Atmadibrata

Photo of Creative Exchange Lab Artist Muneera Pilgrim

Muneera Pilgrim

Photo of Creative Exchange Lab Artist Rubiane Maia

Rubiane Maia

Photo of Creative Exchange Lab Artist Tania Camara

Tania Camara

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