What Next For The Body

1 December 2010 – 6 February 2011

“An affectionate portrayal of the city’s people and performers, our eccentricity and tenacity, our defiance, wonder and bravery.” Venue Magazine

A long autopsy thread stretches the length of a pure white gallery marking a fissure of absence through the heart of the building. A human-powered tarpaulin wave breaks across a city square, and 100 Bristolians create their own film of presence and strength.

IBT10 took place across the streets and art spaces of Bristol in a breakneck programme of live, digital, sound, sculptural, architectural, dance, theatre and guerrilla works. The 5-day festival showcased work by 115 artists from all over the world, including 28 works by artists from Bristol and the South West.

Images from top left to bottom right: Untangling, Nicola Canavan © Carl Newland. Pearls of Sustenance, Carter & Zierle© Carl Newland. Still Image Moving, Manuel Vason © Manuel Vason. The Surety, The Surety (The Inner Surety), Pete Barrett © Carl Newland. Frontman, Action Hero © Carl Newland.