IBT13 International Festival of Performance

Step Out Of The Ordinary

14-17 February 2013


Welcome to an extraordinary weekend of theatre, live art, dance, opera, feasts, talks, parties and public art.
Watch a Fake Moon being hoisted into the night sky. Follow us into the trees for a dusk concert with Night Tripper, or experience an evening of Opera in a Bristol living room.
BT13 features artists set to change the face of performance: the visionaries, the young bloods, the wild-cards and the one-offs.
Step out of the ordinary and join us in an experience that will change your view of theatre forever.

Helen Cole
Artistic Director, In Between Time

A male figure sits on a chair holding a red flag.

IBT13 Festival

Over four days across Bristol, 30,000 people stepped out of the ordinary to witness a fake moon rising, a living room opera and much more