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We bid a fond farewell to IBT’s Development Producer

Abi Duffy joined the team in 2014 as an Assistant Producer in the lead up to IBT15 festival. We are delighted to see her move on to a new role at UWE. Here she reflects on her time at IBT…

“The last 4 years at IBT have been full of memories and experiences that will last a lifetime.

1. The moving sight of the first puff of fog trailing over Pero’s bridge, announcing Fujiko Nakaya’s mesmerising work which transformed the Bristol docks for IBT15. The committed 10 days of dedication by our volunteers, meeting them early each freezing morning ready to greet the day.

2. Taking You’re Not Alone around the world, and introducing the work of the inimitable Kim Noble to new cities and audiences. The joy of watching how a brilliant show can challenge, offend and charm audiences leaving a lingering mark.

3. The thrilling potential of unusual and rigorous partnerships to create exceptional projects. Arriving at Tyntesfield to a trail of twinkling lights, which lead to a house rarely opened at night, and filled for the first time with urgent performers. I’ll never forget Iona Kewney’s wild and confrontational body contrasted with the vulnerability of a sleeping Eloise Fornieles, who invited us to whisper in her ear and influence her dreams.

4. The immeasurable value of creating a temporary home for people to gather together from across the globe, a space where we can ask the question How Can Live Art Unf*ck the World? Listening to a gathering of international voices celebrating the ability of Live Art to help us face the world and explore the difficult questions.

5. The joy and privilege of spending four years dreaming and scheming with an inspirational group of female collaborators who have taught me so much.”

In her time with IBT Abi has thrown herself into all kinds of maelstroms and challenges. Yet like any exceptional Producer Abi has met each challenge like an adventure. She has raised thousands of pounds for IBT, line managed events, produced Symposia, Artist Platforms and International Tours. Go Girl. With our love Abi now fly be free… Helen Cole, AD/CEO In Between Time

Mentoring at IBT17 © Jack Offord