IBT21 Enter The Forest

11 - 14 FEB 2021

IBT21 explores the forest as our ally, our lungs, our lifeforce.

We invite you to plunge into real forests, conjure wilderness in urban spaces and be part of an extraordinary international arts festival that entices, repairs, hopes, cares.

Join us as we rewild Bristol and plant a live art forest.

Expect art, adventure, ritual, debate, walks, sound, performances and more.

Let’s step together into The Forest and reimagine ourselves and our future – it’s what we do next that counts.

There are no passengers on Spaceship Earth. We are all crew Canadian Futurist Marshall McLuhan


20 years of fake moons and fog bridges, dancing with strangers and glass kisses. IBT21 celebrates all the artists, audiences and incredible individuals we have ever worked with to usher in the future, reigniting our historic relationship with Arnolfini to prepare the ground for future growth.


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Banner Image: (c) Luis Del Río Camacho on Unsplash. Left: Simon Faithfull, Fake Moon Rising, IBT13 (c) Paul Blakemore. Right: Fiksdal Langgard Becker, Night Tripper, IBT13 (c) Oliver Rudkin