Weekly Reads #2

Our Senior Producer, Kim Simpson, shares what she has been reading this week. The second in our Weekly Reads series explores power dynamics, grief & loss, colour, faith, gender and advice from Tim Minchin…

“The hot topic of recent weeks is, of course, sexism in all its hideous forms. I’ve resisted reading too much about the perpetrators and their actions… I know what is there and it’s not me that needs to read this. I have plenty of my own personal and friends’ accounts of assault and harassment. However I do have two articles that feel worth sharing within this context. The first in The Atlantic, Brit Marling looks at the power dynamics at play around the Weinstein scandal through the lens of her own experience. The second is about a study in the workplace, carried out by the Harvard Business Review, examining behaviours by and treatment of male and female employees.

This article from the BBC highlights the lived experience for Muslim women across the country. The intersectional experiences of colour, faith and gender are supported with data that shows the increased danger of being a female Muslim in the UK at this moment.

I am always looking for new ways to understand my condition (Hypermobility Syndrome), communicate it to others and connect with the experiences of fellow sufferers. This video, using projection mapping and storytelling, is a really descriptive, powerful (and familiar) reflection on living with EDS-JHS.

This year I’ve experienced a lot of grief and loss. These two articles from Beauty Things and Tim Lawrence, both very personal, deal with the topic in powerful ways and left me with much to consider.

I’m a total sucker for a graduation speech and I love Tim Minchin. I also really enjoy the way he approaches his comedy, shot through with logic, science and reason, which can be jarring but is usually astute. This is an old video but it’s sage advice that I needed.

In a similar vein, and in keeping with my commitment to and admiration for Brain Pickings as a resource for life, this article covers 10 key learnings Maria Popova has articulated while reflecting on 10 years of Brain Pickings.”

We See Fireworks, Helen Cole © Oliver Rudkin