Welcome to IBT17 Bristol International Festival

Written by Helen Cole

Our voice in the world

Intricate whisper to clarion call

Stand Up

Stand Out



On the 23rd June 2016, the UK voted to leave Europe.

As the shock waves from this seismic decision reverberate, In Between Time invites you to join us, to take a stand.

Informed by global realities and with internationalism coursing through our veins, In Between Time presents our bravest festival yet. With this urgently British programme we reach out to the world.

Unafraid to stand up for their beliefs as the world changes, 40 exceptional artists with strong bodies and bright minds, offer a version of Britain that is uncompromisingly contemporary, open and defiantly different.

In IBT’s international co-production with New York’s convention-smashing theatre company 600 Highwaymen, 45 citizens represent Bristol, one of the UK’s most culturally diverse cities in which 91 languages are spoken each day.

IBT17 forms a signal amidst the uncertainty and noise asking how do we face the realities of this island, this world, this time?

We invite you to laugh with us, cry with us, fall, stumble and fly with us, to take a stand and face the future with us.

We welcome you to this exceptional festival in transitional times,


Stand up & join us.



Helen Cole

Artistic Director/CEO In Between Time