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A black and white macro photo of a tongue
We Are Warriors at Arnolfini

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A group of 7 people huddle in the corner of a film set which looks like a neutral room. They all lean back and hold on to a rope which leads off camera

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A large huddle of people stand with their backs to us and their arms raised outside knowle west media centre
We Are Bristol announced

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Producer gather around a wooden table outside
Participants for Producer Farm 2018 announced

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Joe Bannon is in front of a white table on stage. She has just lifted a white cloth into the air, the cloth contains white powder which has been thrown into the air.
Bristol artist Jo Bannon returns to Arnolfini with sell out show 'Alba'

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In Between Time has been recognised as a ‘Remarkable Festival’ by the European Festivals Association, EFFE Award

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Producer Farm

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Line-up announced for The Dawn Party

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A man and a woman with blue paint on their hands, smudge the paint against their faces.
Bristol’s former IMAX to host a stellar line-up of music and film events

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Two women, stand together in front of a red curtain. They have white material wrapped around their necks and they are holding their hands to their faces.
IBT17 International Showcase

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Two women stand facing the camera holding their hands up.
IBT17 Bristol International Festival Programme Launch

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A random selection of people, sit and lay and stand together.
From New York to Paris The Record is coming to Bristol

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