What Next For The Body

1 December 2010 – 6 February 2011

“An affectionate portrayal of the city’s people and performers, our eccentricity and tenacity, our defiance, wonder and bravery.” Venue Magazine

A long autopsy thread stretches the length of a pure white gallery marking a fissure of absence through the heart of the building. A human-powered tarpaulin wave breaks across a city square, and 100 Bristolians create their own film of presence and strength.

IBT10 took place across the streets and art spaces of Bristol in a breakneck programme of live, digital, sound, sculptural, architectural, dance, theatre and guerrilla works. The 5-day festival showcased work by 115 artists from all over the world, including 28 works by artists from Bristol and the South West.

Images from top left to bottom right: Untangling, Nicola Canavan (C) Carl Newland. Pearls of Sustenance, Zierle and Zierle (C) Carl Newland. Still Image Moving, Manuel Vason. The Surety, The Surety (The Inner Surety), Pete Barrett (C) Carl Newland. Frontman, Action Hero (C) Carl Newland.

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