The Record

Bristol Old Vic, Jan - Feb 2017

'It’s a reminder that we are always stronger together than apart' Lyn Gardner, The Guardian

The subject is us; the time is now

From February 2016 onwards we worked with our partners Knowle West Media Centre, Up Our Street and Ambition Lawrence Weston to produce Bristol’s own version of The Record, by award winning New York Theatre company 600 HIGHWAYMEN.

Over 200 local citizens took part in auditions in September 2016 that were open to everyone. In January intensive one-to-one rehearsals began with 600 HIGHWAYMEN.

A cast of 45 incredible Bristolians from 8 to 75 years old, came together for the very first time on the opening night on stage at Bristol Old Vic.

Over 1,000 tickets were sold to local, national and international audiences for four performances of The Record, a UK premiere at IBT17 Festival.

'I am a doctor and can find it hard to connect to feelings under the onslaught of (my) NHS workload. This piece made me cry. I felt I could connect to what I had pushed away.' The Record Audience member

The Record, 600 HIGHWAYMEN ©

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