Up To Nature

Woodchester Park, Gloucestershire 29 June – 1 July 2012

‘Delighted by lit fires, stories, love potions, walks, science, death, decay and Nature, Up To Nature exceeded all my expectations’ Audience

Leave the city behind, enter the world of the forest...

Across four European forests from Woodchester Park, Gloucestershire to the Vogeltennwiese in the Vienna Woods. From Karho Island in Finland to Blankvann Lake near Olso, Norway, audiences gathered as LED fireflies encircled a forest glade and a hidden choir called from the depths of the night.

Co-produced by In Between Time with ANTI Contemporary Art Festival (Kuopio), Black Box Teater (Oslo), brut wien (Vienna) and Maska (Ljubljana) with the support of Arts Council England, the European Commission, the Paul Hamlyn Foundation, University of Bristol and the National Trust.

Images from top left to bottom right: Night Tripper Fiksdal Langgard Becker (C) Oliver Rudkin. Canopy, French & Mottershead (C) Oliver Rudkin. Red Shoes, Zierle and Carter (C) Oliver Rudkin.

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