Vauries Nightjar

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'Alex Bradley's work is disorientating and beautiful.’ THE GUARDIAN

‘Take good care and don’t waste a moment.’ Alex Bradley and Blue

This sound work is inspired by Vauries Nightjar, a bird whose existence is only known from a single sighting in China in 1929. Described by Charles Vaurie it has never been found again. An entity so fragile it literally appeared and then disappeared.

This gentle earworm reminds you to be; to listen; to tread carefully; to fight for the preservation of our most treasured things. It reminds us that we must preserve the world and transform ourselves through the very experience of it. We have limited time here and we need to pass the world on.


This event is part of the In Between Time Summit Day 3 programme. The event is included in the 1-Day Ticket and 3-Day Summit Pass and cannot be booked separately.


Alex Bradley is a Bristol based sound producer and artist. He creates solo and collaborative works that push and blur the boundaries of live, sound and digital art. His work has been presented by ISEA Japan, RADAR Mexico City, FILE Sao Paulo and through residencies in Sydney, New York, Melbourne, Brazil and Mexico. His work has been commissioned by significant UK galleries and festivals including Contemporary Music Network, South Bank, Arnolfini, Baltic Gallery and Manchester Festival. Bradley continues to make innovative developments in spatial audio, sonic, installation and performance works with Arup Acoustics NYC.

Blue is 13. She is a drummer, guitarist and Blue is finding a voice.

Jamila Johnson-Small at NightSongs©PaulBlakemore

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